Recco Sports LLC

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How long are the cornhole seasons? - All seasons run once a week for 8 weeks with a 9th week for playoffs for those teams that qualify. 

How much does it cost? - Between $200 and $215 per team per season

Can we bring our own bags? - Yes.  Our teams repeatedly requested to use their own bags so starting in May of 21' you may use your own.  If you do not have bags you can use ours.

What are the prizes? - Cash prizes for first place teams as well as free entry into the following the season.  Second place teams receive free entry into the following season.

Do you host tournaments? - We are going to start a Friday night tournament series in the summer of 21'

What is your refund policy? - Full refund if you cancel prior to the program starting,  There are no refunds if you cancel after it begins.


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